Women’s E-Learning in Leadership (WELL) for Democracy teaches Iranian women the skills needed to resist patriarchal pressures they face. This includes understanding why leadership matters, organizing themselves in a community and building relationships, and thinking like a leader. WELL provides women with education to fight back against gender oppression. A democracy does not exist without women participating in government and society. WELL holds zoom classes and provides resources to encourage and teach women how to become leaders. After the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who was arrested for wearing a hijab in an improper manner and died in custody of the authorities, a revolution began where students are marching down streets and holding government officials accountable. Gender inequalities are seen in Iranian laws when employment can discriminate against women pushing many women into poverty. Under the Civil Codes, a husband has complete control over their wives regarding where they live, work and travel. This control has led to high rates of femicides and women risking their lives to escape. WELL continues to break the patriarchal cycle with leadership courses and resources but this is not possible with your help. By supporting WELL, you can give these women a digital library to learn about leadership and an online course to educate Iranian women how to fight against patriarchal pressures. You can visit the WELL for democracy website and donate on our PayPal. A small donation can make a great difference. Thank you for supporting women in Iran!”



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