Voicing their presence: Postrevolution Iranian female vocalists in context

Malihe Maghazei ؛
Independent Scholar

Contemporary female musicians and vocalists in Iran represent a
challenging and inspiring musical trend as a part of a dynamic and
reflexive artistic and cultural wave. This trend could be compared to a
trend in the first half of the 20th century in Iran, which opened the
first chapter in the history of women asserting their presence and
their voice as female musicians in public spaces, exemplified in the
work of Qamar al-Moluk Vaziri. This article analyzes these two trends
in their social and cultural contexts and explores the efforts of postrevolution
female vocalists to assert their presence in musical realms.
Addressing these issues in the context of political, religious, and
cultural constraints, the article examines the agency of female musicians
and vocal performers in the long history of women’s struggles
for self-expression and voicing their presence in public spaces and on
the national stage.

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