The campaign to stop honor killings was formed after Romina Ashrafi (a 14-year-old girl from Talesh) was killed by her father, that is, on May 21, 2020 (June 1, 2019). After the news of Romina’s murder spread on social media, the feelings of people who were concerned about human rights and women’s rights were aroused. Emotions that arise in critical situations need to be directed in the right direction. The characteristic of campaigns is that it directs these angers towards targeted action. Activism is actually an organized and effective response to change. The difference between activism and reaction is that when an activist enters into an organized activity, he knows what he wants and his goal is clear. In fact, the campaign to stop honor killings was formed for this purpose and the goal was to direct the anger created in the society towards changes so that honor killings can be stopped in the society.

The campaign to stop “honour” killings has focused on the two main factors of changing culture and the law as root causes. To end honor killings, the campaign will use the following methods:

1- Empowering women through increasing their awareness of their rights in cities and villages by experienced counselors

2- Inviting and encouraging men to support the campaign,

3- Cultivation by publishing information and collecting signatures in petitions,

4- Attracting international human rights groups and figures to the plight of the victims.

5- Communicating and cooperating with popular women’s movements in the region who suffer from the same situation.

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