Lilli-Sage is a dedicated student currently pursuing her degree in International
Relations at IE University, where her passion lies in Global Affairs and International
Law. Originally from Zimbabwe, she spent her formative years in Botswana until
relocating to Spain for her university education.
Outside of her academic pursuits, Lilli-Sage finds joy in painting and has channeled

her passion into entrepreneurship by founding a company specializing in hand-
painted tote bags and bamboo cups, contributing to sustainable development

initiatives. Her commitment to environmental sustainability aligns with her broader
interests in creating a more equitable world.
Driven by her persistent dedication to social justice, Lilli-Sage actively advocates for

women’s rights. She is particularly enthusiastic about collaborating with Women’s E-
Learning in Leadership to further this cause and advocate for democracy. Through

her involvement, she seeks to empower women and contribute to the ongoing fight
for equality on a global scale.