Online Collaboration Guide for Facilitators

What is this document’s purpose?

Online collaboration1 is an essential skill for working and learning in our connected world. This guide serves as a resource to make online collaboration seamless and productive. Not only are the guidance and tools in this document intended to be helpful for individuals working collaboratively with others on a project or task, they also aim to equip facilitators of meetings, workshops, learning sessions, and trainings with resources to create an optimal environment for learning and working collaboratively in the digital age.

This guide was originally developed as part of IREX’s Employee Essential Skills Suite, a comprehensive training resource that prepares individuals for successful employment and self-employment. It does this by developing key soft skills that employers consider essential. We have adapted this guide to offer it to a broad audience to help diverse types of facilitators within institutions or communities leverage digital technology for effective work, learning, and collaboration.

This guide contains references to many tools, some of which you might already be familiar with. The purpose is not to oversaturate you with more digital tools than you already use. Rather, our goal is to help you distill, prioritize, and select which tools to use to support your online work and learning—whether you are a remote worker, facilitator, or trainer. It’s our hope that this resource can help you be even more intentional and strategic about which digital tools to leverage for your needs.

The PDF of the article is available below:

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